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Hi, I'm Daniele. I created One Two Wellness with the mission of enriching peoples lives through Pilates and Meditation. I firmly believe in a holistic approach to wellness which includes taking care of both your mental and physical health. It is true that Pilates builds on your physical strength but it offers so much more than that! Pilates is a low-impact, mindful way to move your body requiring focussed attention. It encourages a stronger mind-body connection and improved mental well-being. I offer classes in both Pilates and Meditation and also fusion classes that incorporate elements of the two disciplines. I am so passionate about empowering others to become the very best version of themselves by using these super power practices! Regardless of your age, fitness level or experience, my classes are beneficial for everyone and I would love to hear from you. 

Kind Words

I hadn't tried Pilates before and a friend recommended Daniele's classes to me. I didn't realise how hard Pilates makes you work and I've discovered I have muscles in places I didn't know existed! I always end the class feeling great and ready for the day.

- Louise, 32, Liverpool.

I really look forward to my weekly one to one with Daniele. I started with classes and enjoyed them so much and felt my body responding in a really positive way. I gained more strength and visible muscle tone. Thank you!

- Beth, 27, Kent.

I love Daniele's classes! I was a little nervous at my first session having not exercised for a while after an injury. Daniele was very friendly and approachable and took extra time ot explain things and adapt exercises for me. I have grown in strength and so much confidence. Highly recommend!

- Emma, 39, Hertfordshire.

Since attending Daniele's classes I have become much more aware of my posture and alignment and I feel much stronger. She is helpful and friendly. Would definitely recommend. 

- Steven, 36, Hertfordshire.


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