· P I L A T E S ·

 move with me

All of my classes are created to strengthen and tone the body, improve joint mobility and address postural imbalances. The core principles of Pilates (breathing, centring, concentration, precision, flow and control) are weaved throughout each session. Pilates is a low impact, mindful way of movement which enhances the mind-body connection and is excellent for stress management and mental well-being.    

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· c l a s s e s ·

** I am running a limited timetable during the school Summer holidays **
** Additional classes to be added in Autumn **

· p u r e · p I l a t e s ·
Wednesdays 6.30pm -7.30pm
Woo Wellness, CM23 2LD
This class focuses on movement from the traditional Pilates mat repertoire. Working through fundamental Pilates moves to improve posture, strength and flexibility. This is an uplifting workout that will leave you feeling fully mobilised and strong!

· p R E G N A N C Y · P I L A T E S ·
Wednesdays 7.40pm -8.40pm
Woo Wellness, CM23 2LD
A specialist prenatal class designed to maintain your fitness levels with specific adaptations to suit the incredible changes to your body during pregnancy. Come along to reconnect the body and mind, release achy joints, strengthen your body and some mindful breath work.
Suitable through all stages of your pregnancy.

· o n e - 2 - o n e · p I l a t e s ·
Available on Request
A tailor made session to help you achieve your goals. Whether you want to tone up, strengthen the body or are recovering from an injury - whatever you are looking for from Pilates, I am here to help you.

· a d d I t I o n a l · I n f o  ·
All classes and one - 2 - one sessions are currently held online via zoom
Group Class: 1 Class: £12, 4 Class Block: £40 
One - 2 - One Sessions: 1 Hour: £50