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· S T O R Y ·

Here are my certifications & workshops I have attended:

· Level 3 Diploma in Instructing Pilates Matwork

· Level 3 Diploma in Supporting Pre & Post Natal Clients

· All Things Abdominal & Pelvic Floor


· Pilates Barre

· Pilates for Children

· Pilates for the Older Adult

- The Pilates Foot

· Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher Training (in progress)

· Essential & Advanced Reformer Pilates (in progress)

Shortly afterwards I fell pregnant with my second son. I endured a complicated pregnancy and he was delivered via an emergency caesarian. He experienced a challenging start in life and raising two under two did not get off to a great start for our family. The work I had invested in myself through the modalities of Pilates and Meditation carried me through what I now see as one of the most challenging periods of my life. Pilates helped me to physically recover from my caesarian safely and has kept me strong, energised and able to run around after two very busy little boys! My meditation practise has been invaluable to me in keeping me sane (most of the time!), more calm and also given me the ability to be present and enjoy these crazy family days that are whizzing by. The onset of the pandemic in 2020 meant that I needed my meditation practise more than ever and it was then that I started to study towards becoming a certified Meditation Teacher. I am expected to qualify in Spring 2021 and I am so excited to share my learnings with you!

I wholeheartedly believe in both the practises of Pilates and Meditation in transforming your mind and body and I am so passionate about sharing my knowledge of the mind-body connection with you. We live in a crazy modern world that is not always conducive to living a healthful life and I hope to provide my clients with tools they can use as part of their day to day lifestyle that will help them show up to be their best and most energised selves every day.

During my twenties I balanced a very demanding job in London alongside experimenting with many different kinds of exercise. I worked hard and played hard. I deprived myself of sleep, I didn't nourish my body properly and I drank too much alcohol. I hadn't realised I was running on adrenaline and often close to exhaustion.  

I had practised Pilates for many years but it wasn't until I fell pregnant with my first son in 2016 that I considered training to be a teacher. When I discovered I was pregnant I was forced to slow down my pace of life and my focus shifted away from obsessive exercise and working every hour I could to nourishing and taking care of my body properly. I was sleeping more, eating more healthful foods and moving my body in a more mindful way. In preparation for the birth of my son I started meditating regularly and I felt more calm, present and able to focus attention better than ever before. I honestly couldn't believe how different I felt!

My baby boy arrived and I became even more determined to be the best version of myself. I wanted him to grow up seeing me take care of myself and understanding that self care is an essential part of life. I knew that my priorities and passions in life had shifted and I decided I wanted to train as a Pilates teacher and become more knowledgable about wellness in general and to share my learnings with others. I wanted to help people show up as their very best selves.  And so my Pilates teacher journey began...